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We offer credit in a simple way. Here you have the opportunity to borrow money quickly, easily and safely. You can borrow via computer, smartphone or tablet, depending on your needs. At the same time, Welshcredit offers credit with a fixed monthly repayment, and with loan amounts that can fulfill both large and small dreams. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to get a little extra air in the budget, you can with good conscience choose Welshcredit, where you can get credit with low performance and quick payment.

Find a payday loan online

PaydayLoanHelpers : offers online payday loans to private individuals. Apply online via either computer, smartphone or tablet and get your financial needs covered quickly, easily and safely. We offer a proven service that emphasizes both reliability, speed and clarity. with our service, you can easily borrow money in the form of a credit, and you should not think about providing security for the loan. What you want to spend money on is completely up to you. Therefore, if you need cheap credit and fast payouts, then they are the perfect choice.

How can I apply for a credit with Welshcredit loans?

It is both quick and easy to apply for credit with Welshcredit, as you can do so via their online application form. When applying for credit, it is done through three simple steps: create a profile , sign with NemID and pay out the credit

As a starting point, you will always be asked to create a profile when you want to apply for a quick loan with Welshcredit. Fortunately, this does not require much, as it only takes a few minutes, and it also makes it easy for you to manage your loan subsequently. The only thing you need to create a profile is your NemID, your account information, and that you meet their requirements for the borrower, including that you are at least 23 years old.

Once you have created a profile, you have the opportunity to apply for credit. You will always be asked to sign your loan application with NemID, as you are thus sure that you are the only one who has the right to apply for quick loans online through your profile. It is therefore a clear advantage for you to use NemID when you apply for credit with Welshcredit.

Get a quick credit of up to DKK 15,000.

At Welshcredit you can easily borrow money for both big and small dreams. They offer credit of between DKK 500 and DKK 15,000. You completely choose for yourself how much you want to apply for, and you decide how much you want to be paid at a time. Thus, you only pay for the amount you raise. You can therefore easily choose a credit that suits you and your personal needs.

How does credit at Welshcredit work?

Here you can raise money directly via your profile via either computer, smartphone or tablet. Once your credit has been approved, you decide how much of your credit you will pay to your account. So you get plenty of flexibility and freedom to plan what your credit is used for.

You can, however, maximum a maximum of DKK 5,000 of the credit amount to start with. After you have paid two monthly installments, another DKK 5,000 will be released from the credit amount, which can now also be deducted from the credit amount freely. Once you have paid two more monthly installments, they will make a credit of DKK 15,000 available. So even if you apply for a credit of DKK 15,000, you must be aware that you have to pay some months’ installments before they make the full credit amount available to you.

Low performance and quick payout

Here you only pay for the credit that is being raised and paid to your bank account, which makes it one of the cheaper credits on the market. When you choose to receive an amount from your credit, it costs 10% of the amount in the payout fee. Then you pay a monthly installment of 20% of your used credit and a monthly interest rate of 6%. Here, the minimum payment is DKK 500, while your monthly repayment cannot exceed DKK 2000. Of course, you are always welcome to redeem your entire credit at no cost if you suddenly had the opportunity to do so.

Example of credit.

Example of credit.

For example, if you choose a credit of DKK 15,000, the credit will have an APR of 145.8%. This is based on the fact that the monthly benefit will amount to DKK 1,968.07 and that the credit will be repaid within 12 months. In this case, total credit costs will amount to DKK 8,616.84, while the total repayment amount will be DKK 23,616.84. At the same time, the credit interest rate in this example will amount to 72%.

When is the payment made?

Once the provider has received and approved your application for credit, you can expect to have the credit on your profile shortly. This means that in the vast majority of cases you can count on receiving the money on your account the same day you apply for the credit. In some cases, from the time you raise your credit, the money is in your account, one bank day. Once the credit has entered your profile, it is from here that you will be able to withdraw money. You can now easily choose to get a portion of your credit paid to your bank account. The money will then be available on your account either the same day or the day after, but it ultimately depends on your bank. If the amount is not available in your bank account within 3 days, you can always contact their customer service, which will help you resolve the issue.

When should I repay my loan?

It is quite simple to repay the credit. It thus happens that when you receive the month’s bill, the amount owed will be calculated as follows: the raising fee will amount to 10% of the disbursed credit, interest will amount to 6% of the disbursed credit, while the repayment amount will amount to approx. 20% of the disbursed credit incl. interest and fees. This will together constitute your bill every month. Then you need to find your unique FIK payment code, which appears at the top of your monthly statement, and deposit the amount via online banking. Your monthly statement will be sent to you 30 days after the credit creation. Invoicing is handled by their partner Arvato A / S. As a starting point, your deposit will always be registered on your profile within 1-2 business days after you have transferred the money.

Online credit

With credit, you get more freedom than if you took a traditional loan at the bank. You do not have to deal with a lot of trouble holding meetings with bank advisers, having to provide security, and explaining what the loan should be used for. Instead, you can easily and cheaply get a credit that can help you get more air in the budget in an easy, clear and secure way. Once they have approved your application for credit, you yourself decide how much of your credit you want to be paid to your bank account. At the same time, you only have to pay for the credit that is being raised. You get plenty of freedom and flexibility with a credit.

What are the requirements?

What are the requirements?

If you are interested in borrowing money here and want to and can apply for credit, you must meet their requirements for the borrower. Firstly, you must at least be 23 years old, have a Danish national registry address, have a Danish telephone number and have an account with a Danish bank. In addition, you must have NemID as it must be used to sign the loan with.

Unfortunately, credit is not offered to customers registered as bad payers in a debtor register such as RKI (Experian) or the Debtor register. This is because they only want to offer credit to customers who have a sound and responsible economy. If you are registered in RKI or another debtor register, you can unfortunately not borrow money.


In connection with the admission of credit, this provider has gathered a number of good advice which is worth considering before applying. First, you should always read the terms carefully. They make sure that their credit terms are as readable as possible so that you can easily get an overview of prices, dates, and deadlines. You will always be reminded of important things via SMS or e-mail, but still, recommend that you always read their simple and easy terms through.

In addition, it is always a good idea to consider whether you have air in the budget for fees and repayments before applying for credit. And as they write, their credit is not free. You should also be aware that they carry out a modern and comprehensive credit check of all applicants who wish to apply for their credit through their website. This is because, as a company, they are responsible for giving credit only to customers who have a reasonable and healthy economy.

Contact customer service if you have any questions.

Last but not least, their applicants are advised not to be shy. With that, they mean that you just have to contact them, so you don’t have a problem. Your skilled customer service is always ready to receive your call or email in the daytime if you need to answer a question or need help. Although they are an online business, they are very committed to providing you with a human customer service team focused on providing you with personal and prompt contact and service. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact them if you need their help.

When you are interested in borrowing money, it may be beneficial to know a number of concepts that are often used in connection with loans and credits. Below you will find some of the most important concepts that you should know before you apply for credit.

OPEN – Annual percentage rate

The APR is an abbreviation for the annual percentage rate of charge and is a term that covers the total cost of entering a credit or a loan per. years in percent. The APR covers both interest, fees and other expenses associated with the credit or loan. This means that you can use the AOP to get an overview of all the expenses associated with borrowing money.

Borrowing rate

The borrowing rate, also called the effective interest rate, is a term that covers the annual interest incl. compound interest. The borrowing rate will vary depending on how often interest is paid on your disbursed credit. When you have a credit you pay a fixed interest rate of 6%

Default interest

The default interest rate is an interest rate that can be imposed if the borrower does not comply with the loan’s payment deadline. This means that if unexpectedly, you do not comply with the payment deadline that has been agreed upon, you can expect that interest on late payment will be imposed according to the rules of the Act on this.

Due Date

The due date is the day you have to repay your credit. Here they will ask you to transfer the money to them if you have not already redeemed the entire credit yourself.